DressHaute Closet

DressHaute Closet rentals were created to give customers the chance to enjoy our dresses for less and without the usual hassle of stowing away your dress after an event. We offer many choices, so stop by and we’ll help you find the perfect dress!

How It Works

  • Renting a dress varies in price depending on the ticket price of the dress and the duration of your rental.

  • At the time of the rental, we will place a hold equal to the ticket price of the dress on your credit card. This hold will be released once the dress has been returned and inspected.

  • A valid credit card is required to rent a dress with Dress Haute. No exceptions will be made.

  • If the dress is returned damaged or altered in any way, you will be charged the full ticket price for it.

  • You are responsible for dry-cleaning. Failure to do so will result in a charge relative to the estimated cost of dry-cleaning (approximately $60-150).

  • Failure to return a dress on time will incur a $50/day late fee.

  • If you want to purchase your dress afterwards, you will receive a discount

Please read the terms carefully. By utilizing our services, you agree to the itemized terms and accept the responsibility of returning the dress in its proper condition and by the agreed return date. You also acknowledge that you are aware of and fully understand the penalties you may incur by failing to meet those requirements.

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