Hello I wanted to take this time and introduce myself and my company DressHaute. DressHaute was formed in 2014 as a Bridal and Special Occasion Boutique. The goal was to bring beautiful gowns to woman of all sizes and embrace everyones curves and beauty. In this world where beauty can be vain and it’s difficult to try and be the perfect figure my mission was to make every woman feel beautiful in a DressHaute gown. As a person who struggled with weight and PCOS growing up it was difficult to have that inner self confidence and self esteem. I always felt inadequate to the other girls on the cheerleading squad and the popular girls in school. You get a sense of not being enough at least that’s what you tell yourself. I was always different and unique by the way I dressed, to the people that I hung out with and always got along with older people then ones my age. It was difficult in a society where you were judged based off your looks and not your heart. Over twenty five years later I have worked hard on myself and luving myself and not living in the past anymore. I’ve learned that you are not defined by your past, it’s just building blocks for your adult life, which makes you who you are today. That’s why DressHaute’s mission is to luv who you are and embrace your curves no matter if there are a size 2 or size 24 and feeling beautiful in your skin. Life is about dressing up and showing up and being the best you can be. There’s a saying that you need to fake it until you make so technically everyone is an actress or actor in their own movie and it’s up to write the storyline. In the coming weeks we will discuss beauty, fashion, self-esteem, designing gowns, events and much more.

Stay Beautful

Carrie Ann