Take a Picture, it’ll Last Longer!

Our DressHaute team took part in a photo-shoot last week, which was something fun and creative for all of us to participate in. We were given the opportunity to wear some of the beautiful custom dresses we have designed here. Many of the photos taken were posted on our Etsy shop. We’re working on staying up-to-date with our online shopping presence so that customers are given ample opportunity to find unique designs that fit their needs. We took pictures in multiple gowns, using different poses to showcase different angles and the fabric. We also did something fun with some of the dresses to support Pride Week, so check out our Instagram page!

Our team worked on our own DressHaute makeup looks to accompany our custom dresses. Here is a little sneak peak (check them out on Instagram as well). We plan to continue to post simple makeup looks and tutorials every Tuesday on social media for our “Tip-Tuesday”, so be sure to keep an eye out if you’re looking for quick and easy beauty advice.


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