Have you been #Luved by DressHaute yet? DressHaute believes every woman should feel confident, and beautiful in their own skin. The #LuvYourself campaign is one that lets people express themselves no matter what shape or size they might be. DressHaute took the #LuvYourself campaign to the streets of downtown Pittsburgh to see what the public had to say. We interviewed multiple people asking a plethora of questions, such as: what is your favorite quality about yourself, what makes you feel confident, and how have you encouraged others to feel confident. Many of our questions centered around confidence. We know that can be a touchy subject, but each person expressed new ideas and views on their own confidence. Everyone struggles with insecurities, but we at DressHaute would like to remind everyone of their true beauty. You have been #Luved by DressHaute!

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