Have you been #Luved by DressHaute yet? DressHaute believes every woman should feel confident, and beautiful in their own skin. The #LuvYourself campaign is one that lets people express themselves no matter what shape or size they might be. DressHaute took the #LuvYourself campaign to the streets of downtown Pittsburgh to see what the public had to say. We interviewed multiple people asking a plethora of questions, such as: what is your favorite quality about yourself, what makes you feel confident, and how have you encouraged others to feel confident. Many of our questions centered around confidence. We know that can be a touchy subject, but each person expressed new ideas and views on their own confidence. Everyone struggles with insecurities, but we at DressHaute would like to remind everyone of their true beauty. You have been #Luved by DressHaute!

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Do you have as much American pride as DressHaute?

Do you have as much American pride as DressHaute?  We would like to take the time to thank all the men and women who are fighting or have fought for the Land of the Free.  Join us in celebrating our nation, with a HUGE NATIONAL BRIDAL SALE July 21- July 28!!  Wedding dresses all up to 50, 60, and 70%, some even as low as $50!! Keep America the Beautiful with DressHaute!


National Bridal Sales Event

Finding the perfect dress should not come with the fear of looking at the price tag.  Do not let cost come between you and the dress of your dreams. Calling all brides for The National Bridal Sale Event happening July 21- July 28, 2018.  

Independent bridal salon owners join together to help brides find their perfect gown within their budget. The third Saturday in July has been declared National Bride Day. As a way to celebrate, hundreds of locally-owned bridal stores and boutiques mark down their gowns resulting in significant savings. DressHaute is joining the celebration by marking over 100 of their most elegant, exquisite bridal gowns down by 50% both in-store and on-line.  Step one of finding your soulmate is complete, check out DressHaute to complete step two of finding your destined-to-be dress.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday by appointment, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-7 / Saturday 11-5  Tel: 412-788-1224  Email: design@dresshaute.com

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Onto Bigger and Better Things: Upcoming Events

Joined by numerous other designers, stores, and boutiques, DressHaute is ecstatic to be attending World of Prom 2018.  Whether you are looking for bridal, quinceanera , prom or anything in between Atlanta, Georgia is the place to be. Mark your calendars August 7th- August 11th because this is one dress sale you will not want to miss. DressHaute, along with a variety of our gowns that fit women of every shape and size, will be headed South in just a few short months! Below is a map layout of our booth location at the event. Be sure to stop by!


Moving onto The Big Apple, The City of Dreams, The Concrete Jungle: DressHaute is headed to New York City!  We are returning to one of the major fashion capitals of the world once again this year for New York Fashion Week. Countless custom dresses will be walking down the runway September 15, 2018. DressHaute will be celebrating women and their beauty through exclusive, beautiful gowns.

Here is a sneak peak of the original DressHaute gowns that were seen at NYFW 2018 and will be showcased at World of Prom Market. Stop in today at our Pittsburgh location, head over to our Etsy shop, or check out our website to get an even better look! 


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Rainbows Reign

Here at DressHaute, we want nothing more than to spread positivity among the community. Therefore, we enjoy supporting movements that are all about celebrating the amazing qualities that make us different from each other. June marks the start of Pride Month! These upcoming weeks are meant for the LGBTQ community to promote their self-affirmation, their dignity, and their diversity.

Our mission at DressHaute is to encourage self-love, body positivity, and individualism. This movement is a celebration of life, love and liberty. We support men and women of all ages in their desire to spread hope and self-acceptance to the world. Check out our Instagram for widespread color throughout this month!


Take a Picture, it’ll Last Longer!

Our DressHaute team took part in a photo-shoot last week, which was something fun and creative for all of us to participate in. We were given the opportunity to wear some of the beautiful custom dresses we have designed here. Many of the photos taken were posted on our Etsy shop. We’re working on staying up-to-date with our online shopping presence so that customers are given ample opportunity to find unique designs that fit their needs. We took pictures in multiple gowns, using different poses to showcase different angles and the fabric. We also did something fun with some of the dresses to support Pride Week, so check out our Instagram page!

Our team worked on our own DressHaute makeup looks to accompany our custom dresses. Here is a little sneak peak (check them out on Instagram as well). We plan to continue to post simple makeup looks and tutorials every Tuesday on social media for our “Tip-Tuesday”, so be sure to keep an eye out if you’re looking for quick and easy beauty advice.


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Hello I wanted to take this time and introduce myself and my company DressHaute. DressHaute was formed in 2014 as a Bridal and Special Occasion Boutique. The goal was to bring beautiful gowns to woman of all sizes and embrace everyones curves and beauty. In this world where beauty can be vain and it’s difficult to try and be the perfect figure my mission was to make every woman feel beautiful in a DressHaute gown. As a person who struggled with weight and PCOS growing up it was difficult to have that inner self confidence and self esteem. I always felt inadequate to the other girls on the cheerleading squad and the popular girls in school. You get a sense of not being enough at least that’s what you tell yourself. I was always different and unique by the way I dressed, to the people that I hung out with and always got along with older people then ones my age. It was difficult in a society where you were judged based off your looks and not your heart. Over twenty five years later I have worked hard on myself and luving myself and not living in the past anymore. I’ve learned that you are not defined by your past, it’s just building blocks for your adult life, which makes you who you are today. That’s why DressHaute’s mission is to luv who you are and embrace your curves no matter if there are a size 2 or size 24 and feeling beautiful in your skin. Life is about dressing up and showing up and being the best you can be. There’s a saying that you need to fake it until you make so technically everyone is an actress or actor in their own movie and it’s up to write the storyline. In the coming weeks we will discuss beauty, fashion, self-esteem, designing gowns, events and much more.

Stay Beautful

Carrie Ann